Season 13: Camping

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History Part 1

As the familiar faces fade in the distance, returning where they belong, a well-worn path appears in front of you. It snakes across the field, leading towards your dwell where the tent is popped up and a hammock is swinging between the trees.

The time has come for summer adventures!

Come on a camping trip INTO THE WOODS with us in the world of Dreamscape where adventures are always aplenty. Meet your new pet and discover new decorations for your dwell. You’ll want the summer to last forever!

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History Part 2

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History Part 3

Jump in a boat and go on a trip down the river or climb into a hammock in your dwell and read the most exciting story you can ever imagine! There's nothing like spending your summer camping at Dreamscape. There’s fishing and hiking, running barefoot and exploring. Season 13 is gaining momentum fast! 

And make sure to watch out for bees – they are friendly and will share their delicious honey with you, but only if you ask nicely!

 Take your pet on adventure with you as you explore Dreamscape and make new friends! Summer is only halfway over and there are still rewards and decorations waiting to be unlocked.

Hurry up and grab a seat by the fire. Listen closely – can you hear it? The chirping of the crickets singing their song into the night.

We have s’mores to share and stories about great adventures to tell while the fire dances and crackles in the firepit. There’s nothing better than campfire stories shared with good friends!

Our camping trip is not over yet! Your rewards and decorations for your dwell are waiting to be unlocked. If you haven’t unlocked your pet yet, you have until the end of the season to do it!
Gear up for the August adventures with Season 13 “INTO THE WOODS!”

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